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Reflections on Beijing

For almost as long as Beijing has existed people have continually warned about its cultural last days. Whenever I mentioned to my well-travelled friends that I would be living in Beijing they without fail would spin some line about how it’s just not the real China anymore. I imagine these are the same people who […]

Chinese Studies Book Club #1

  Welcome to the inaugural post in my Chinese Studies Book Club. Every week I will be reading a different book related to China. It might be about history, art, culture, literature or anything that captures my interest. Every Sunday I’ll share my thoughts on the book, what I learned and what I think the […]

Introducing The Polymath Show

I’ve been trying to learn about polymaths for years now. I’ve been asking questions about the role of polymaths in society to people around the world from Chris Anderson, the owner of Ted to Ian Goldin. I’ve also read every book I can get my hands on about the importance of. I’ve also been working on setting […]

Giving it a week 

I have an idea for a project that I am really excited about. It’s ambitious, it could make a real difference in the world and as far as I know hasn’t been done before. It’s definitely out of my depth and I don’t know yet whether or not it’s actually something that I’m able to […]

Results Day

Nearly a year ago I made the decision to apply to the University of Oxford. As I write this in just 14 hours time I will find out whether or not I will be studying there for the next four years. I don’t know whether or not I will meet the requirements of the offer […]

Motivation Hacking

I never do as much work as I’d like to. Regardless of the importance of what needs to be done I often find myself sucked down the endless wormhole of internet distractions flitting from Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Stories to YouTube videos on such subjects as ‘Why no Aquarium has a Great White Shark’. Even when I do […]