Results Day

Nearly a year ago I made the decision to apply to the University of Oxford. As I write this in just 14 hours time I will find out whether or not I will be studying there for the next four years.

I don’t know whether or not I will meet the requirements of the offer I was given by the University back in January, and the pressure to not let down the friends and family who were so excited back then is high.

I’m sharing my story of my experiences over the past year in the application process in a YouTube video which is both a personal diary and a guide to anyone thinking of applying on what to expect from the process and that however unlikely they may think it is that they’ll get an offer it’s still worth giving it a shot.

I hope that tomorrow I will open my exam results to the news that I have got in but if not I’m excited about the prospect of beginning again to forge a different path in my life. Seth Godin has spoken about the importance in creative work of embracing the idea that this might not work. Applying to Oxford has reinforced for me the importance of this concept in life in general, and should I fail to get in I look forward to finding something else to devote myself to that might not work either.